All about Game and Trail Cameras

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So when I think about a game camera, I think "wow, yeah, that would be cool." I think of all the pictures I could take of animals (or people?). Are there laws that regulate taking pictures with game or trail cameras? How do I ensure no one steals my camera? What will it cost me? Let's explore those and more thoughts about game cameras. If you have thoughts or questions, go to our blog and share it with us!

Whether you call them trail cameras, game cams, hunting cams, or trail-watching cameras, they pretty much all do the same thing. You want to see the monster that walks by when no one is around. There's so many brands out there --Cuddeback, Stealth, Bushnell, Scoutguard, Spypoint, Reconys, Predator, and Moultrie-- how do you know what to choose? It's a little like shopping for hiking shoes: what works for one person may not work for another.

Read our article about choosing a game camera for some thought-provoking tips on choosing your next game camera. Check out our site for links reviews, blogs, and just cool game camera photos.